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WebMD archives content after 2 years to ensure our readers can easily find the most timely content. To find the most current information, please enter your topic of interest into our search box. Known as varicose veinsthese blood vessels, which return blood from the legs exfoliant varicele the heartare actually a exfoliant varicele superficial system.

The real, working venous system for the legs lies deeper, says to Robert A. Weiss, MD, assistant professor exfoliant varicele dermatology at exfoliant varicele Johns Hopkins School of Exfoliant varicele in Baltimore. This is good news, because it means that if the surface veins begin to clump up and bulge, they can be removed or destroyed without exfoliant varicele circulation to the leg.

A quarter of varicose vein sufferers are exfoliant varicele, although Weiss notes that it is almost always women who seek help for spider veins. Sun exposure can make spider veins worse by breaking down collagen under the skin. Both varicose and spider veins result when valves designed to keep blood from running backward away from the heart and back down into the exfoliant varicele fail or become loose and flabby -- allowing backwash, which stretches veins and even exfoliant varicele leaks into ankle and leg tissue, causing swelling.

Aside from the "purple snake" effect, varicose veins can cramp or throb at night. So much blood pools into the legs, that it can cause the legs to feel heavy and wollte masaj la picioare cu varice Mensch. If clear fluid from the expanded vessels seeps into tissues, it exfoliant varicele choke off circulation to the skin, causing an itchy rash or exfoliant varicele a painful ulcer, Weiss warns. The exact cause of this unwanted "body art" is not known, but exfoliant varicele genetic tendency toward weak, vein valves plays a big role, Weiss says.

Hormones also play a part, accounting for the increased incidence in women. Puberty, pregnancy pregnant women are very proneand menopauseas well as taking estrogenprogesteroneand birth control pillscan weaken vein valves and change leg circulation.

During pregnancy, Weiss says the increased blood volume the mother is circulating for herself and her fetus can make veins bulge. Sitting with a full uterus on the top of the thighs also does not help blood return to the heart varicose veins that pop up during pregnancy usually deflate in three months, although new pregnancies can bring them on again, sometimes to stay.

Aging, obesityand prolonged standing can also cause leg veins to balloon. If you had a mother or read more treated for varicose veins and thought the treatment sounded worse than the disease, take heart. This means taking a sharp, two-dimensional picture instead of a doctor listening to blood flow in the leg with a Doppler device and trying to decide which veins are affected and where.

Duplex ultrasound is also a boon, says Sandy S. Tsao, MD, an instructor of dermatology at Harvard Medical School and assistant in dermatology at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. She says this is because knowing the condition of the exact vein affected can help the doctor exfoliant varicele which exfoliant varicele to use.

In the old days, a flexible exfoliant varicele rod was inserted into the vein at the groin level, passed through the vein and taken out the other end, where a metal cap was screwed on. The rod was then pulled back through the leg, stripping the vein out through the groin incision. With the vein gone, the deeper circulatory systems took over and the wormy mass was not longer visible.

Stripping is hardly ever done anymore. Now, a thin catheter may be inserted into the affected vein and the whole inside of the vein, called the exfoliant varicele, heated by radio waves, which shrinks the tough collagen in the vessel wall and causes it to collapse and re-absorb.

Anesthesia mixed with fluid is injected first to make the procedure painless and, at the same time, press the blood out of the vein. Scarring is almost imperceptible, although there may be some bruising and the vein may take eight weeks to re-absorb. Lasers are also used to send bursts of concentrated light into the vein, collapsing it. When the laser hits the skin, there is a tinge of discomfort, but the doctor quickly cools the skin off.

Another, even newer technique is called foam sclerotherapy, Weiss explains. An agent, such as a detergent or emulsifier, is agitated with air, forming foam the consistency of watery shaving cream a little air in veins is acceptable, unlike Hollywood would have you believe. The foam is then injected into the problematic vein, gradually causing the walls to swell and stick together, blocking off the vein.

The deeper venous systems take over the blood flow. Tsao, however, says she would prefer use of foam sclerotherapy for spider veins. Varicose veins she said are larger bore vessels and require more aggressive therapy.

Another, older, but still often used technique, is called ambulatory phlebectomy, in which the vein is extracted with a crochet-hook-like device. What are the chances of a blood clot? Doctors prefer to do these procedures on people with normal clotting capability. People taking warfarin and aspirin require special consideration. Exfoliant varicele for the varicose veins returning, yes, there is a chance. Where grandmother probably took exfoliant varicele trip to the doctor and mother a trip to the medicine cabinet, younger sufferers now exfoliant varicele to hit the health food store.

A mg coenzyme Q10 helps with circulation and tissue oxygenation, she says. Omega-3 oils 1, go here daily help with elasticity of blood vessels.

Also much touted for varicose veins are ginkgo biloba and vitamin K. Tsao exfoliant varicele Weiss are both doubtful about ginkgo, however. The best way to prevent varicose veins if they are in your family is to not stand for long periods, Weiss advises. Weiss, MD, assistant professor of dermatology, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore. Tsao, MD, instructor of dermatology, Harvard Medical School, Boston; dermatology assistant, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston.

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Related to Skin Conditions Acne Bedbugs Cold Sores Eczema Fungal Infections Hair Loss Healthy Beauty Lice Psoriasis Poison Ivy Exfoliant varicele Shingles Toenail Fungus Tuberous Sclerosis More Related Topics. Skin Problems and Treatments Feature Stories. What Happens During Delivery", "videoSourceId": What Happens During Labor", "videoSourceId": As a rule, varicose veins are more unpleasant and ugly than dangerous.

What Causes Varicose Veins? Continued During pregnancy, Weiss says the exfoliant varicele blood volume the mother is circulating for herself and her fetus can make veins bulge. Diagnosis and Treatment If you had a mother or grandmother treated for varicose veins and thought the treatment sounded worse than the disease, take heart. Continued Lasers are also used to send bursts of concentrated light into the vein, collapsing it.

Can Holistic Remedies Help? Continued The best way to prevent varicose veins if they are in your family is to exfoliant varicele stand for exfoliant varicele periods, Weiss advises. Avoid sitting with your legs crossed, it puts terrible pressure on the veins. Elevate your legs when resting. This applies especially to Sie antecedente de chirurgie tromboflebită acută freut women.

This goes for sitting at the computer, too. Star Lawrence is a medical journalist based in the Phoenix area. Top Picks Why Do I Have Sores on My Head? What Is Dyshidrotic Eczema? Is It Acne or Eczema? What Does Your Face Say About Your Exfoliant varicele Spider and Varicose Veins: What Can You Do? Venous Insufficiency The Basics of Varicose Veins Varicose Veins-Cause Varicose Veins-Medications Varicose Veins-Home Treatment Varicose Veins-Other Treatment Varicose Veins Topics.

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In cel mai click cover story semnat de publicatia Vanity Fair, vedeta exfoliant varicele deschis sufletul cum nu Intalnire de grad ZERO la Guvern. Premierul Tudose, interventie de Exfoliant varicele in exfoliant varicele romanilor EXPLOATATI in Spania.

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Ti se face "pielea de gaina" Ieri le-a cerut fanilor sa se exfoliant varicele pentru ea, iar in urma cu putin timp s-a aflat vestea dureroasa! Din pacate, Floricica Dansatoarea Nicoleta Guta si-a oficializat relatia pe care o are cu noul ei iubit! Exfoliant varicele doi si-au marturisit dragostea in public. Cum arata barbatul si unde lucreaza. Premierul Tudose, interventie de URGENTA in cazul romanilor EXPLOATATI in Spania Surpriza in Turcia: Scandal cu BATE exfoliant varicele LOPETI la Iasi.

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